Mcilvaine support to ivama association

Market analysis plays very vital role in conducting the business. To support the members, IVAMA Association has signed one year agreement with leading international market research company, Mcilvaine Company, USA.

Mcilvaine shall provide an array of services to the members.

  • Amonthly newsletter
  • The newsletter is being sent to the members and also posted on the confidential website.
  • Excerpts could be used for promotional purposes after permission is obtained.
  • Valve purchases made by Indian Customers
  • Process & Regulation Knowledge to Predict Valve Markets
  • True costs of valves
  • Webinars
  • Weekly Insights

Mcilvaine has already created a website for paid members of IVAMA Association with User ID and password. Pl find the screenshot below. Using the link, the member can directly access all details listed above.

IVAMA  Association has the option of commissioning studies of common interest at significantly reduced rates at the request of members. IVAMA Association members would also get a rebate if they commission studies, individual. All the above services are available to all paid members of IVAMA Association. Hence become as paid member at the earliest to reap the benefits. Pl refer: