New indian standards for valves and actuators

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) conducted "16thMeeting of Chemical Engineering Plants and Related Equipment Sectional Committee, MED 17" held at BIS, New Delhi on 11th December 2019.   The   meeting   was   attended   by   many   stakeholders   like Valve   Manufacturers,   Casting Manufacturers,   Actuator   Manufacturers,   End   users   and   Engineering   consultancy   and EPC organizations.

The extract of the meeting is given below:

1.As the following international standards which are in use are part of ISO/TC153/WG1(Valve actuators  and  valve  actuators  attachments)  and  under  BIS &  BISMED17  is  a  participative member of this group. As BIS is in collaboration with ISO and options are available to adopt ISO standards based on need and requirement in the industry and it was felt and informed in the  meeting  for  BIS  to  consider  adopting  the  following  referred  standards  and  accordingly request was noted in the meeting for further action.

  • ISO 5210:2017 Industrial valves - Multi-turn valve actuator attachments
  • ISO 5211:2017 Industrial valves - Part-turn actuator attachments

2.Following are International Standards which are in the final stages of approval and publication by  ISO/TC153/WG1. Also,  it  was discussed about  the publication  of these  standards  would happen  on  or  before  March  2020.  It  was  informed  that  Indian  valve  industry  plays  a  very important role by providing solutions on valves and actuators to Indian as well as international customers. Therefore, it was felt and expressed to audience of meeting to bring in awareness about these new upcoming standards in the valve industry.

  • ISO FDIS 22109 Industrial valves - Gearbox for valves
  • ISO FDIS 22153 Electric actuators for industrial valves - General requirements

3.BIS will put "Draft revised standard of IS 13095:1991-Butterfly valves for general purposes" in wide circulation for comments.

4.Following Valve standards are under revision:

  • IS 9890:1981-Specification for general purpose ball valves
  • IS 10611:1983-Specification for steel gate valves Flanged and Butt - Welded Ends for petroleumpetrochemicals and allied industries
  • IS 11611:1992-Fire test for valves Including Soft Seated Quarter Turn Valve - Method of test First Revision

5.Following Valve standards are due for reaffirmation / revision:

  • IS 4854(PT 1):1969 -Glossary of terms for valves and their parts: Part 1 Screw down stop check and gate valve and their parts
  • IS 4854(PT 2):1969-Glossary of terms for valves and their parts: Part 2 Plug valves and cocks andtheir parts
  • IS 4854(PT3):1974-Glossary of terms for valves and their parts: Part 3 Butterfly valves
  • IS 10605:1989-Steel globe valves (flanged and butt welded ends) for petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries –Specification (first revision)
  • IS 10611:1983-Steel gate valves (flanged and butt welded ends) for petroleum, petrochemicals and allied industries
  • IS 10989:1984-Specification for Cast or forged steel check valves (flanged or butt-welding ends)for petroleum, petrochemicals, chemical and allied  industries
  • IS 11132:1985-Specification for Ammonia valves
  • IS 12992(PT 2):1990-Spring loaded safety relief valves –Specification Part 2 Testing
  • IS 3233:1965 -Glossary of terms for safety and relief valves and their parts

6.BIS updated participants that BIS Management has made decision that all the Indian Standards shall be free of cost accessible on BIS website. 

For any further details, pl visit their website: