Valves are important components in all piping systems and they help to start, stop, or regulate the flow. Valves are found in every process industry - oil and gas, power generation (hydro, thermal and nuclear), chemical and plastic, pharma, water and sewage, mining, food, etc. As there are divergent requirements of flow control, there are different types of valves used in these industries.

Though valves may look like simple mechanical device, the variety of types, sizes, pressure ratings, materials of construction, flow characteristics and various methods of operations make them complex system.

Actuators play important role in precise operation of the valves. They are different types of actuators suited to every need – Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas over oil, etc. They can also help achieve fail-safe close or open position of the valve in event of an emergency.

Skill development is one of the main focus areas in any organization which makes it more competitive and profitable. IVAMA Association offers a range of Technical Webinars which will be helpful to young and middle level engineers in Sales/Marketing, Design, R&D, SCM, Production, Quality functions of Valve and Actuator industry. These Webinars developed to provide deep understanding of different types of valves and actuators - how they interact with piping systems. They also give expert guidance in making cost‐effective technical decisions and tips for proper valve selection and application; learn hydraulic formulae as they apply to valves, as well as Operation and maintenance.

They are grouped in two categories – Basic Program and Advance Program.

Basic Program

  • Webinar-1: Basics of Valves
  • Webinar-2: Different Types of Valves and Selection
  • Webinar-3: Codes and Standards for Valves and Actuators
  • Webinar-4: Materials of construction for Valve Shell Components
  • Webinar-5: Materials of construction for Valve Trim Components
  • Webinar-6: Valve Operation
  • Webinar-7: Pressure Testing of Valves

Advance Program

  • Webinar-1: Sealing Technology in Valves
  • Webinar-2: Design Methodology for Valves
  • Webinar-3: Welding Technology in Valves
  • Webinar-4: Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) in Valves
  • Webinar-5: Flow Characteristics and CV Values of Valves
  • Webinar-6: Functional Qualification Tests (FQT) on Valves and Actuators
  • Webinar-7: Common Problems and IOM of Valves

IVAMA Association also conducted many webinars on current topics which were of interest to the members. They were presented by experts in respective area. E.g.:

  • Legality of Salary to Employees during Lockdown
  • Contractual Obligations and Force Majeure Clause
  • Remote Inspection
  • Future of Industrial Valves and Actuators Market in India – Post COVID-19 Perspectives
  • API Monogram Licensing Process
  • Painting for Valves and Actuators
  • Recent IS/ISO Standards on Gearboxes and Actuators and Review of Indian Standards on Valves

IVAMA Association can help organize training programs on above topics exclusively for your own organization. The training program content can be modified to suit any specific requirement, or any specific additional topics can also be covered.